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Parabolic Listening Devices

These precision acoustical reconnaissance assessment dishes, engineered to meet and exceed expectations in the field, are the most advanced parabolic microphones to date and have many military and tactical applications. ParaDish offers Lil' Ears for ranges up to 350 feet and for longer ranges the Big Ears will perform up to 500 feet. Whether your needs are medium range targeted listening or long range acoustical assessment, ParaDish offers the listening device to meet your acoustical mission requirements.

Constructed from a patented plastic material made of Polycarbonate, Buterate and Acrylic combination that was specially developed after years of research and development, the resulting material provides remarkable audio clarity over a wide frequency range. The Parabolic Reflector’s modified parabolic design was calculated in conjunction with a major university to ensure that the contours would provide the most ideal reflective pattern, resulting in a “sweet spot” that can be fine tuned optimizing operational functionality for varying mission requirements. The dish is molded to precision tight tolerances using advanced laser technology. The result not only ensures that the integrity of the shape in maintained, but also the thickness, which produces the sonic consistency and the visual clarity for the operator. This unit sets the standard in acoustic parabolic microphones.

Both "Big Ear" and "Lil Ear" are interoperable and will not interfere with other electronic equipment that may be in use while simultaneously providing outstanding operation and dependability in the field. This interoperable design is essential for operations requiring any number of vital electronics for successful mission completion.

ParaDish Lil' Ears

AEL / SEL # 03SR-03-LSTN

The Paradish "Lil Ears" is a 13 inch entry parabola designed to be light weight and effective in pinpointing a smaller more targeted area. Capable of picking up sounds from over 350 feet this unit is the must have device for any mission requiring unparalleled performance in a totally mobile mission environment.

Medium Range Entry Parabolas:
  • Cavern Recon
  • Urban Recon
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Setting Ambushes
  • Hostage Evaluation
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Border Recon
  • Tower Monitoring
  • Suspect Monitoring
  • Land / Air / Sea Rescues
   Model: SCI-BE4K/SM/F   
   Price: $11,650.00   
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ParaDish Big' Ears

AEL / SEL # 03SR-03-LSTN

Our 23 inch assessment "Big Ears" is the preferred listening device when longer range and wider target area is essential to your mission requirements. The Paradish "Big Ears" parabolic reflector is capable of picking up sounds from well over 500 feet away.

Long Range Assessment Dishes:
  • Desert Surveillance
  • Assessment
  • Tower Security
  • Facility Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Long Range Recon
  • Hideout Monitoring
  • Search & Rescue
  • Hostile Monitoring
  • Acoustical Surveillance
   Model: SCI-BE3K/SM/F   
   Price: $12,250.00   
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ParaDish Combo Kit

AEL / SEL # 03SR-03-LSTN

Super Combo Kit

Paradish "Lil' Ears" 13 inch entry device and Our 23 inch "Big Ears" assessment dish combined as 1 super combo kit. Both kits fit into a single hard carry case saving space for transport and preparedness in a multitude of mission requirements that may not be apparent until the units have reached their deployment zone. Combo super kits are a space and cost savings to any department or agency.

Medium & Long Range Dishes:

   Model: SCI-BE3K/BE4K   
   Price: $21,400.00   
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