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Precision Acoustical Reconnaissance Assessment DISH

Parabolic acoustical listening assessment dishes significantly increase the users ability to pick up sounds that were previously thought impossible. Combining patented materials with advanced electronics this innovative technology is used by military, tactical agencies, intelligence agencies, search and rescue agencies and the broadcast industry to name a few, adding sound pick up capabilities that are unsurpassed in the market today. Our combined technologies are capable of picking up frequencies that would normally be undetectable by the human ear alone. Parabolic listening has never been this advanced.

Military - Tactical   Fire - Rescue   Broadcast
Military - Tactical   Fire - Rescue   Broadcast
Long Range Recon   Fire Assessment   Sporting Event Coverage
Cavern Recon   Disaster Assessment   News Event Coverage
Urban Recon   Structure Assessment   Political Event Coverage
Perimeter Monitoring   Survivor Search   Long Range Interviews

Suspect Monitoring

  Rescue Assessment   Long Range News Gathering
Military - Tactical

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  Fire - Rescue

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Material Utilized

The parabolas are constructed from a patented plastic material made of Polycarbonate, Buterate and Acrylic combination that was specially developed after years of research and development. The resulting material provides remarkable audio clarity over a wide frequency range.

Patented material resonates sound waves in frequencies providing optimum performance in conjunction with advanced electronic circuitry. Both Lil' Ears and Big Ears are interoperable non conductive passive listening devices designed for simultaneous seamless operation with other electronic and communication devices.

Design Overview

The Parabolic Reflector’s modified parabolic design was calculated in conjunction with a major university to ensure that the contours would provide the most ideal reflective pattern, resulting in a “sweet spot” that can be fine tuned optimizing operational functionality for varying mission requirements.

The dishes are molded to precision tight tolerances using advanced laser technology. The result not only ensures that the integrity of the shape is maintained, but also the thickness, which produces the sonic consistency and the visual clarity for the operator. ParaDish units set the standard in acoustic parabolic microphones.

ParaDish is the world's premier source for long range listening devices. We offer advanced parabolic listening devices exclusively to:


  • Government
  • State
  • Military
  • Police
  • First Responders
  • Fire Rescue
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Special operations groups
  • Covert operations agencies
  • Professional Broadcast
    (Major Sports & News Broadcast)
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These enhanced listening devices are not available to the general public. Only orders to approved agencies or entities willbe processed.
For those government agencies that wish to purchase under federal contracts we can provide our CAGE and NCAGE numbers as required.
The ParaDish brand is owned and operated under the Spy Chest, Inc. corporate umbrella.